The real estate market is changing. The structures and vehicles used are increasingly sophisticated and so are the financing techniques. The market is now truly global. Clients need lawyers with the technical expertise and practical approach to meet the demands of this modern real estate world and its business requirements. The demand for acquisition of real estate in Cyprus has progressively increased. It’s very important that the client receives independent legal advice that aims to protect solely his interests.

We can assist you with all your legal requirements for the purchase of a house, apartment, office, plot or field of land, commercial property, including the drafting of contracts of sale, applications to the Council of Ministers for permission to acquire the property and all matters associated with the District Lands office from carrying the required searches at District Land office up to transfer and registration of property into name of client and the issue of Title Deed for property purchased.

Our Law Firm handles residential and commercial property related matters, including:

  • Legal advice on acquisition of Property & Property ownership in Cyprus
  • Transfer of ownership for Cyprus property
  • Cyprus Property Taxes and other legal matters related to properties
  • Rental of properties
  • Application under the Cyprus Investment Program for acquisition of Cyprus citizenship
  • Drafting of Agreements for purchase or sale of freehold or leasehold property
  • Agreements for real estate development
  • Comprehensive service provided to non-resident purchasers of property in Cyprus
  • Lease agreements
  • Complicated legal issues concerning division of properties and issue of separate Title Deed etc.

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