Our firm has a long history in shipping because Cyprus is an International Maritime Center, one of the largest worldwide and the biggest third party management center in Europe.

Because of the economic and other benefits Cyprus has to offer as an EU country such as:

  1. No tax on profits from the operations or management of Cyprus registered vessels.
  2. Dividends received from owning company.
  3. Income tax based on ships net tonnage.

Using our wide experience and in collaboration with reputable law firms from abroad we can assist you with:Legal advice on acquisition of Property & Property ownership in Cyprus

  • registration of shipping and ship management companies in Cyprus & abroad
  • ship registration in Cyprus & abroad
  • yacht registration
  • transfer of vessel ownership
  • parallel (bareboat) registration
  • other services such as¬†search, transcripts, Change of ship name, deletion, transfer of ownership etc.
  • legal opinion on shipping matters

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