Business organizations choosing to operate through Cyprus which is a well-known European tax jurisdiction can take advantage of its attractive corporate legislation and significant tax benefits such as the lowest corporate tax rate of 12.5% in the European Union, zero taxation of holding companies, tax exempt dividend income, tax exempt profit from trading with securities, tax exempt profits from a permanent establishment maintained abroad, competitive personal tax rates, low VAT rate (19%) and an impressive number of double tax treaties with 59 countries worldwide which are a key factor to Cyprus success.

Complicated market conditions and questions arising due to FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance), AML (Anti Money Laundering) automatic exchange of information, Common Reporting Standards, imposition of sunctions resulted to business adopting a different way of thinking as to how engage correctly with their investment plans in relation to their companies. Our firm is aware of the importance of tax to our corporate clients and we aim to provide updated advise on tax matters affecting their business.

We work together with the firms corporate practice and our auditors for the ideal tailoring of structures in order to achieve the clients tax and commercial goals.

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